Apple Planning New Noise Cancelling AirPods & Over-Ear Headphones For 2019

With new noise-cancelling AirPods and studio quality over-ear headphones planned for release in 2019, Apple could be finally forging ahead seriously in the headphone space.  

The Apple rumor mill is still churning away. This time, the most famous Cupertino-based company are said to be working on new higher-end AirPods. These wireless headphones are due to feature noice cancellation and water resistant technology. While these are still aimed at consumers, the new over-ear headphones also reportedly due in 2019 according to Bloomberg, will be "studio-quality".

The AirPods will likely cost $159 or more a pair. Additionally, Apple are reportedly trying to increase the range at which their wireless earbuds work away from the connected device.

The "studio quality" over-ear headphones will likely compete with high-priced headphones from Bose and Sennheiser. Bloomberg tells us "they will use Apple branding and be a higher-end alternative to the company’s Beats line. Apple originally intended to introduce the headphones by the end of 2018, but has faced development challenges, and is now targeting a launch as early as next year."

Will the new 2019 Apple AirPods look like the originals?

Will the new 2019 Apple AirPods look like the originals?

If you're about to pull the trigger on a purchasing a new pair of over-ear studio headphones, It's far too early to say whether you should wait for the Apple offering due in 2019. It's better to go ahead and make your choice without Apple headphones in the equation. At this stage we have no idea whether these cans will be appropriate for music makers and producers, or better suited as a Beats-style consumer level headphone experience.

[Source: Bloomberg]

[Via: The Verge]

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