Apple Mac Pro Vs iMac Pro: Real-World Test Using Logic Pro X

When Apple announced iMac Pro its benchmarks suggested that the writing was on the wall for the current generation Mac Pro. Christian Henson finds out which Mac performs best in Logic Pro X.  

For Mac / Logic Pro-based musicians and producers (especially those scoring for film and other visual media) choosing the best Mac for your needs is a decision worth spending some time over. Especially if you're deciding between the new iMac Pro and the existing Mac Pro.

In this video, film and media composer, Christian Henson (also of Spitfire Audio fame) demonstrates a number of real-world tests with real scores in Logic Pro X and an ever increasing array of plugins to see when each system begins to find the processing too taxing. 

This could be a more accurate test, but in fairness we see this kind of test as more realistic and indicative of what actually happens in a pro audio studio setup. If you want to see official benchmark stats for Logic Pro X and the new iMac Pro then check this out!

The new iMac Pro is going to win in this test featuring big scores in Logic Pro X 10.4, lots of Kontakt Instruments, fabilter plugins, etc, right? Find out in the video below...

Interestingly, the company that installed the iMac Pro for Christian ran a stress test and could not get the machine to emit any noticeable noise!

The spec of Christian's new iMac: Apple iMac Pro 3.0GHz 10-Core Xeon W / 128GB RAM / 1TB SSD / Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB / Magic Mouse 2 / Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Oh and that arm on the back of the mac? It's an "Ergotron 45-241-026 LX Desk Mount VESA LCD Arm - Attached to this is the VESA Mount Adaptor Kit for iMac Pro (this enabled us to remove the leg from the iMac and attach it to the arm)".

Apple iMac Pro benchmark stats for musicians:

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