Aphids - A Dawless Album Made Entirely On Elektron, Analog And Eurorack Synths by JAde Wii

The new album from Jade Wii of DAWless Jammin' and Ask.Audio is a mixture of Lo-fi, Ambient, and Electronic music. You can check it out here.  

Jade Wii is one of our authors here at Ask.Audio and as well as sharing her thoughts on all things synth related, she also makes a lot of music! Specifically her thing is DAWless jamming - working without computers, plugins or software. In fact she has a whole website and YouTube channel devoted to it.

Now, she has released a brand new album - Aphids, which she describes as "an introduction to the compositional style of JAde Wii. This album is a mixture of Lo-fi, Ambient, and Electronic music and was created using Eurorack Modular, Elektron machines, and Analog Synthesizers. I hope you enjoy it, and remember, Aphids are people too."

You can stream and buy the album using the links below.

Stream and buy the album: https://jadewii.bandcamp.com/album/aphids

Jade's website: https://www.dawlessjammin.com

Read Jade's tutorials and reviews of synth hardware: https://ask.audio/author/jade-wii

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