Aphex Twin Music Software Coming Soon?

Richard D. James attracts lots of attention with his music as Aphex Twin. So, how fascinating would his music software be? Good news is he's working with a programmer to bring his ideas to life.  

In the last run of published interviews with Aphex Twin, this time from German magazine, Groove, a selection of previous interviewees asked 25 questions. Amongst those providing an interesting point of view were Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth and DJ Koze. What emerged from this unique interview is that Aphex Twin has hired a software programmer to help make his music making concepts a reality.

Mate Galic asked Richard about his switch from hardware to software. And while Richard D. James explained his new album, Syro, is basically all made with analog synths, he also revealed that music software is something he’s investing time and effort in now.

In his own words:

“I’ve actually recently hired a Chinese programmer to make music software for me. It’s taking the concept of mutation into music software. You give the program some sounds you made and then it gives you six variations of it and then you choose the one you like most and then it makes another six and it kind of keeps trying to choosing the variations by itself. It’s a bit like that, but more advanced, but basically it starts with a sound, analyzes it, then does different versions of variations. It randomizes, it compares all of them to the original and then it picks the best one. It sounds totally awesome, but it needs to be tweeked a little bit. I will continue with this. I have a whole book full of ideas for software and instruments.”

Aphex Twin is not the first, nor will he be the last, big artist to take his ideas and turn them into music software. BT’s collaboration with iZotope to create the hugely popular Stutter Edit springs to mind. Richard Devine is also incredibly influential in this space too. 

But, the big question is if we’re ever going to experience Aphex Twin audio plug-ins in our DAWs anytime soon… we're hoping we will!

Source: http://www.groove.de/2014/12/25/25-questions-for-aphex-twin/

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