Andrew Huang Launches Powerful Music Sampler App for iOS, Flip

It's a 9-channel sampler and sequencer with powerful features, some you'd only expect to find in a pro DAW... and it's a collaboration made between Andrew Huang, Oliver Greschke & Christian Blomert.  

Music Producer Andrew Huang, who counts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, has teamed up with Berlin-based music app developers Oliver Greschke (Elastic Drums, Elastic FX) and Christian Blomert (TouchAble, Studiomux) to release ‘Flip,’ an iPhone and ipad app that allows you to quickly create music out of any sound.

Available today exclusively on the App Store, Flip streamlines the sampling workflow that has become a staple of many genres of music, while providing tools that allow for a lot of creativity and fun in composing, producing and performing. It provides more power and depth than any other music creation apps at its $9.99US price point, allowing for the creation of entire tracks without leaving the app - from recording all the way through to mixing and mastering.


Flip is a 9-channel sampler, sequencer, and performance tool. It features a quick workflow, EQ and audio effects on each channel, 19 automatable sound parameters, a full piano roll with optional quantization, an intuitive song arrangement mode, mixing and mastering tools, audio export and live recording, and a unique performance page for live effects and remixing. While users can record their own sounds easily, there is also a store with affordably priced sample packs and Flip projects made by artists such as Andrew Huang, Rachel K Collier, Bad Snacks, Cuckoo, Chuck Sutton, Kilamanzego, and Pusher.


Flip Sampler

For Huang, the idea for this app was a natural extension of his music creation style.

"A lot of my work involves unorthodox sound sources, from household items to aircraft hangers. Often I find these spontaneously, and would like to work with them in that moment of inspiration,” Huang said. “I started daydreaming of the ideal workflow for that process."

Huang approached Greschke and Blomert in 2018 and began working remotely between Toronto and Berlin to flesh out his ideas and find ways to expand the scope of the app.

“Having tried many music making apps, I've found they tend to be either fun but simple tools that have very specific use cases, or complicated and unwieldy ones whose design tries to cram a desktop-based workflow onto a phone,” Huang remarked. “With Flip we set out to create something deep and powerful that would still remain quick and fun to use, and that would make the sample-based production workflow I've become known for more accessible to any creator with an iOS device.”

Flip is the first music app by Andrew Huang and is available now on the App Store.


Price: $9.99



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