Learn the essentials of subtractive / analog synthesis in this excellent four-part series with Peter Schwartz. Part one explores the four properties of sound.  
Figure 1: the Rob Papen Predator synth. A killer synth and a personal fave.
Figure 2: Logic’s ES-E, perhaps named as a clever play on “Easy”?

The Four Properties of Sound

Listening to the World! 

Listening Exercise

Advanced Listening Exercises

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Peter Schwartz, composer, orchestrator, arranger, pianist, synthesist, and musical director, began piano studies at age 5 and went on to earn a degree in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music. It wasn't long afterward that he began working as a product specialist for New England Digital (Synclavier) and also as a sound progr... Read More


Figure 2 sure doesn't look like Logic's ES-E to me ;-)
Now it does :-)

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