So You Want To Start A Eurorack Synth System? Scott Riesterer is here with things to consider to help you stay sane in your journey into modular synths without getting lost in a tangle of wires.  
A 2Egress 18U168HP case all filled up and ready for action!

The Intent  

Doepfer has a number of case options available 
1U Tile modules can offload utility functions to free up your 3U space
Clouds and a few other modules from Mutable Instruments have third party firmware updates available by donation from Parasites 

The First Steps

Moog Mother32 Semi-Modular Desktop Synth
The Arturia Microbrute proves that good things can come in small packages 
SE Electronics Boomstar in its blue Arp flavour
Intellijel’s Audio Interface II lets your system interact with the outside world

The Size 

Elite Modular has some beautiful larger cases 
Intellijel’s 7U cases feature a strip for tile modules
Pittsburgh Modular has a great little desktop 48HP case 
Dark Modular made a case specifically for HP Lovecraft fans to summon eldritch tones of indescribable horror 

The Case  

Art For The Ears rack mountable ears sit nicely on a tabletop  
Synthrotek’s Deluxe Power Module offers the often underestimated feature of the cool skull graphic 

The Power 

4MS has a clever means of expanding on their power system 
Intellijel has differently sized power supplies with differently sized robots depending on the size of the intended case. 
2Egress has some striking case designs and gives you the option to buy them with or without power 

The Community 

I still don’t get the connection between cats and synthesizers, but it’s there 
Facebook Eurorack Synthesizer Group:

The Conclusion 

Scentury Cedar sells custom wood cases on Etsy
Another handsome case from 2Egress with smart cable management below
Methinks my rack is off to a good start! 

Scott is a Sound Designer from Vancouver, Canada who has contributed his post production audio skills to dramatic and documentary films, animations, video games, and oddly enough, the Chevrolet Volt. His music makes heavy use of field recordings gathered from a variety of sources and locations. In 2013 he released Sonidos De Cuba, an a... Read More


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