An Inspiring Demo of Pocket Operator Synths With Patchblocks

If this video doesn't convince you that Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators are excellent, capable synthesizers then nothing will. And don't forget the role the Patchblock plays in the sonics too.  

A few years ago having the power of these two pocket operators and a patchblock that fit in your pocket with some room leftover wouldn’t have been unimaginable.

But who cares about how small a synthesizer or sound module is if it doesn’t make good sounds. And that's certainly not something you need to be concerned about with Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators. And the Patchblocks should get more love too from the synth and producer communities too!

When I first came across this video demo of the PO-12 Rhythm, PO-20 Arcade using the Patchblock running a spring emulation patch I was more than a little impressed. Musically, sonically, it’s an excellent demonstration of what is possible with these diminutive bits of music gear.

Kudos to pselodux for the excellent video and track:

Here’s what pselodux tells us about the video:

“Apologies for the length, I got a bit carried away. This is a little improvisation I put together with my newly acquired PO-20 and Patchblock.

“This is largely unedited, except for a little cut around 11 minutes in where I accidentally paused the PO-20, oops!”

Gear used:

Web: pselodux melodic electronic music:

Web: pselodux minimal techno:

Web: Teenage Engineering:

Web: Patchblocks:

Web: Learn Synths & Synthesis here.


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