An Arduino MIDI Guitar Synth That Plays Great

Curious how you can hack existing instruments and an Arduino to create your own MIDI Synth Guitar? Gr4yhound has done just that and rocks it out in this impressive video demo.  

Gr4yhound's new synth guitar hack, featured on Hackaday, shows what can be created using an Arduino, some drum pads and ribbon potentiometers. The body of the guitar is pine and the guitar neck itself is a (fret-removed) Squire Affinity Strat. Additionally, the Arduino Micro transmits the triggered notes as MIDI which are sent to a computer using a MIDI to USB converter (which we're told also powers the Arduino… so, not need for batteries!)

And, unlike all MIDI synth guitars, or should we say guitarists, Gr4yhound knows how to play his axe well and make it sound pretty darn good.

Source: Hackaday

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