ALTRNT Lets You Edit Eurorack Synth Module Firmware In Your Web Browser

Just incredible. Created by Spektro Audio, it should come as no surprise that they've come up with such a cool tool to edit various and transfer firmware for eurorack modules in your web browser!  

ALTRNT is still in BETA. In fact, Icaro Ferre wanted to "keep this on the low" ... but we couldn't wait to tell you how cool this is! Basically, you can transfer eurorack module firmware so you can try out different versions and even edit the output channel and output gain. Very useful!

Currently, only a few Mutable Instruments modules are supported. But more are being added.

Here's what Icaro from Spektro Audio tells us about his new browser-based Eurorack Firmware Transfer tool:

"Hey everybody, I wanted to learn more about Javascript and WebAudio so I made something new.
It's a website / service called ALTRNT (silly name, I know) that can automatically download and transfer alternative firmware for Eurorack modules (only Mutable Instruments for now but I want to add more in the near future).
I believe it's the easiest way of trying out new firmwares.

"Simply go to the website, select the module, the firmware, follow the module's instructions, hit Download (to download the firmware to cache), adjust the settings, and press play.

"As I said, ALTRNT uses the regular WebAudio API so it should work on any modern browser (Desktop or Mobile).
If you use Google Chrome, you can also play the firmware file to other outputs of your audio device (great for using the Expert Sleepers ES-3 / ES-8).

"I'm keeping this on the low for now since the page is not really designed to work in large scale (I'm still learning this stuff) however feel free to check it out.

"Oh, and make sure to read the disclaimer."

[Via: Icaro Ferre on Facebook]


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