Alpha Recording System Shows Off Handmade 6-Channel Rotary Mixer

This new 6-channel DJ mixer comes with a wealth of features and will be hand built to order in Japan. Here's how to get your hands on one.  

Japanese company Alpha Recording System is releasing a six-channel rotary mixer called the MODEL9900. Handmade to order, the mixer features a three-band EQ on each channel as well as a three-band isolator on the master channel and VU Meter by Sifam.


  • ARS MODEL 9900 DJ Mixer is a Japanese made,
  • 6ch. rotary mixer with 3band eq on each channel.
  • The ARS 9900 is our Flagship Table top mixer.
  • This 6 channel High Quality Rotary DJ Mixer has a 3 band Isolator on the master.
  • Potentiometer and Switch are ALL ALPS .
  • Vu Meter Made by Sifam
  • Classic knob and Aluminum Machine Component Knob Cap by Made in Japan
  • A long time in the development phase this mixer is a beautiful example of Japanese hand made precision workmanship.

It is designed with purist ideals with only essential features. ARS 9900 has 3 band eq on each channel and 3band Iso on the master. The Isolators can be boost of cut from +18db 〜 -∞. The 3Band eq can boost or cut from +12db 〜-12db.
Each channel has Post Fader Send and a Return and Effect Loop. 

The MODEL9900 will retail between ¥580,000JPY ($5,510/£4,560) and ¥700,000 ($6,650/£5,502), arriving in about 8-12 weeks after the order is placed.

[via Fact Mag:]

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