Albion Colossus Update

Following on from an initial successful launch, Spitfire Audio are pleased to announce a colossal update to Albion Colossus, which is free to existing users.

Featuring 995 new eDNA techniques bolstered by five distorting, carnage provoking warps and 26 new EVOs, this update enhances Spitfire Audio’s most epic library yet, extending its genre-blending abilities, and bolstering the two orchestras and ground breaking Hype, Depth and Scale features.

  • The EVO Grid Mode – An array of hand-crafted evolving textures generated from Spitfire Audio’s acoustic content accessible in their EVO Engine. With 10 strings (chamber & symphonic), four brass (chamber & symphonic), four woodwinds (chamber & symphonic), eight granular evolutions (chamber & symphonic), the possibilities are endlessly inspiring.
  • eDNA – Spitfire Audio’s fully featured sound design engine stocked with a curated selection of sounds from the library. Each one reprocessed to bring you an entirely new palette to explore. From ethereal pads to pure orchestral carnage. Providing 995 techniques and enhanced by five distorting, carnage-provoking warps, take your compositions to the next level.
  • Eco-Load feature – Eco-Load allows the selected technique(s) to be loaded to RAM, offloading all other techniques to save on system resources.
  • Warps (5):

    • Ignite – A burning saturation creeping to distortion with uncomfortable over-compression, reducing dynamics but adding superficial edge & grit
    • Harbinger – Complete desecration of the signal, removing all consistency, purity and on occasion even  tone
    • ReFlux – A sound akin to uncared for tape, constantly moving, drifting, and fighting to maintain pitch and structure
    • Corruptor – Where bits start to fall & circuits bend, slowly degrading the signal and introducing non-linear artefacts
    • Haze – Blurred beyond recognition, ambient, slowed down and saying somewhat reverberant doesn’t even come close

Key Features [Post Update]

  • The EVO Grid Mode
  • New eDNA content with an addition of 995 eDNA Techniques
  • Eco-Load feature
  • 199 rerendered techniques
  • Five Warps
  • 148GB 

Availability & Pricing

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