Akai Professional Announces 3.0.1 Firmware Update For Force

Update introduces new Launch/Note Mode, side-chain compression (the Mother Ducker), updated recording preferences and improved auditioning of samples/loops.  

AKAI Pro today announced the release of a 3.0.1 update that introduces a number of new features and workflow refinements to this ground-breaking live performance and music production device.

Force arms musicians, DJs and producers with all essential functionality for the modern clip- based workflow including clip launching, step sequencing, sampling, synths and a 7-inch multi-touch display. Force is designed for the user who wants a standalone product with the latest in modern workflow techniques, free from being connected to the computer. Building on Force’s already-impressive capabilities, the 3.0.1 update introduces a highly innovative Launch/Note mode – now users can simultaneously harness the creative power of Force’s Note mode while launching clips on a split, single pad layout.

Also included in 3.0.1 is the inclusion of the Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker input effects plugins - recently added to the MPC platform in version 2.4, this pair of processors allows users to create side-chain effects effortlessly via inserts within Force’s mixer window.

3.0.1 also includes a number of workflow refinements including

  • Updated recording preferences allowing users to use fixed length clip recoding 

  • Improved auditioning of sample and loops within Force’s browser – now, files with 
embedded tempo information will audition in sync with Force’s master BPM 

  • Drum program enhancements –users can mute or solo pads in a drum program 
using Force’s hardware control surface 

  • Force can now load FLAC and OGG files 

  • The AIR dynamics plugins Compressor, Channel Strip, Maximizer, Transient and 
Noise Gate now have metering to clearly indicate the input/output levels and the amount of gain reduction applied. 

    Force Highlights

  • Standalone - no computer required 

  •  8x8 clip launch matrix with RGB LEDs 

  •  7” color capacitive multitouch display 

  • Mic/Instrument/Line inputs, 4 outputs 

  • MIDI In/Out/Thru via 1/8” TRS inputs (5-pin DIN adapters included) 

  • (4) configurable CV/Gate outputs to integrate your modular setup 

  • (8) touch-sensitive knobs with graphical OLED displays 

  • Time stretch/pitch shift in real time 

  • Comprehensive set of AIR effects and Hype, TubeSynth, Bassline and Electric synth 

  • Ability to record 8 stereo tracks 

  • 16GB of on-board storage (over 10GB of sound content included) 

  • 2GB of RAM 

  • Full-Size SD card slot 

  • User-expandable 2.5” SATA drive connector (SATA or HDD) 

  • (2) USB 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers

3.0.1 will be available as a free update early February 2019. For further information on 3.0.1, visit www.akaipro.com/force

Force will be available internationally in February 2019. U.S. retail will be $1499.00.

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


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