Akai Pro And Splice Join Forces To Develop Future Pro Music Technologies

AKAI software and hardware is known for its abilities with loops, samples and slicing - so what better fit that partnering with Splice, a loop and sample expert? Here's what they're cooking up.  

Great news for AKAI users who are always on the lookout for more loops to slice and dice as part of their productions - AKAI and sample company Splice have teamed up to develop future software initiatives that will benefit users of both platforms. The aim is to make software tools that make it easier than ever to use a huge library of loops and samples in your productions. Here's what they had to say.

Cumberland, RI USA (October 15, 2018) — Akai Professional today announced they are partnering with the music creation platform Splice. The combination of Akai Professional’s cutting-edge music hardware technology with Splice’s vast, royalty- free sample library will result in powerful production tools that give music creators an unprecedented amount of creative possibilities in an intuitive workflow.

The two companies will celebrate the partnership with a co-hosted seminar at ADE on October 18th. The event, entitled “Sampling: Its Evolution and Lasting Impact on The Music Industry,” will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Akai’s ground-breaking MPC, by uniting a panel of multi-generational artists to discuss how samples have inspired their work.

The event will feature Jazzy Jeff, emcee Illa J, younger brother of Jay Dilla, and sound designer/producer Jay Pulman, creative director of Capsun Pro Audio. These artists will be joined by representatives from Akai Professional and Splice to discuss how business models are evolving to support the exciting new ways that samples are discovered and how the explosion of sample usage has led to new revenue opportunities for musicians.

Akai Professional is well-known for their innovative hardware, with models such as the MPC Live, MPC X and the all-new Fire FL Studio controller garnering worldwide acclaim and industry awards for their technical excellence, ease of use and speedy workflow. Quite simply, musicians are at their best when they perform and record on Akai Professional equipment.

From Top 40 songwriters to bedroom producers, musicians of all kinds use Splice Sounds to find the sound they hear in their head and push their craft forward. With Splice Sounds, creators can easily browse and download sounds from a library of over two million samples, loops and presets. The library features packs from leading sample labels like Loopmasters and Capsun Pro Audio as well as top producers like Chad Hugo and Lex Luger.

“We are thrilled to partner with Splice for this co-venture,” said Dan Gill, Product Manager for Akai Professional. “MPC has been the leader in sampling, sound and beat making for 30 years. The combination of our constantly evolving hardware solutions with the expansive, virtually limitless Splice library means that producers, beatmakers and artists will be able to create more quickly and more easily than ever before."

Find out more at www.akaipro.com and www.splice.com

Learn more about AKAI hardware and software: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=category/audio/topic/akai

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