AirTurn: Hands-Free and Wireless Foot Controller

The AirTurn BT-105 is a wireless pedal controllers. Designed to turn that sheet music page hands-free, the folks at AirTurn have come up with 10 more ways it'll change your musical life.  

For musicians who are sick of the hassle of carrying bulky binders or dealing with the inconvenience of organizing stacks of paper sheet music, tablet computers like the iPad make an attractive alternative. Thousands of songs can be stored in these svelte devices, making it a piece of cake to carry one's entire library to any gig and pull up any song instantly. But if you have more than one page at a time to read, or if you need to pull up multiple songs in a performance, there's still the issue of only being able to comfortably view one page at a time on a tablet screen. This is where the AirTurn comes in. The AirTurn BT-105 is a wireless pedal for controlling tablets and computers. At its most basic level, the AirTurn BT-105 enables musicians to turn digital pages hands-free'"in the two-pedal version, the right pedal turns the page forwards, and the left pedal turns the page backwards. A simple solution for an age-old problem, right? Ah, but if you will take a moment to dig a little deeper, you'll see how this simple tablet accessory can radically change your musical life beyond just turning pages hands-free. Here are 10 ways in which an AirTurn changes a musician's life.

#1 No Visual Distractions

#2 No Audible Distractions

#3 Read Music in Context

#4 Always See What's Next

#5 Worry-Free Repeats

#6 Transpose On The Fly

#7 Control Set Lists Hands-Free

#8 Control Everyone's Page Turns

#9 Toggle Backing Tracks

#10 Control Instrument and Amp Effects

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