AFEM Launches Sexual Harassment Support Service for Electronic Music Industry

2017 has seen leading figures in the film and entertainment industries being outed for sexual harassment. AFEM is launching a support service for those affected in the electronic music industry.  

Victims of sexual harassment within society and specifically within the entertainment industry need trained support. AFEM is launching a confidential support service, delivered by Health Assured, to provide advice and guidance to those affected. 

The Association for Electronic Music is the global trade body for the genre representing the interests of record labels, managers, promoters, publishers, clubs and all other companies whose business is electronic music. Members include Live Nation, CAA, Three Six Zero, Red Light Management and Defected.

The organisation and its members are determined to drive positive change in the industry and to ensure openness, inclusion and diversity in all aspects of electronic music.  A code of conduct will be launched early in 2018 to allow AFEM members to reach the highest standards of behaviour within their organisations. 

Mark Lawrence AFEM CEO: “Since its formation, AFEM has championed equality and inclusion as vital foundations of our industry and we unequivocally condemn sexual abuse and harassment of any kind.   To step forward as a victim of abuse or harassment takes immense courage and we will support all who need help and guidance. 

We are working with our 150 plus members on how to unite as an industry against all forms of abuse and AFEM directs anyone who has been affected by abuse or harassment to an industry specific and confidential service operated by Health Assured on 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support.

This is a pivotal moment for society, industry and inclusivity and we must ensure that every opportunity is taken to support all victims.  It is time to build a safe and supportive environment for everyone whatever their gender, ethnicity, sexual preference and age. “

Anja Schneider - DJ, producer, radio show host & label owner - "While I’ve been lucky enough not to have had problems with sexual harassment throughout my career, I know the experiences of other females working in the music industry has been very different. This behaviour has become normalised over the years and needs to be called out at every opportunity. No form of sexual harassment or abuse is ever OK. We need to be vocal and stand as one - both women and men, to send the message this is not acceptable. And also very importantly ensure the guilty perpetrators are held responsible for their actions. The time to stand up is now.”  

Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider

Nicole Moudaber - DJ, producer, radio show host & label owner: “There is no level of sexual harassment, assault or misconduct that we shouldn’t be outraged about.  Women were made to feel throughout history that this behaviour is normal, well not anymore.”

B Traits - DJ, producer, radio show host & label owner: “Without exception, every woman I know has either been the victim of sexual harassment or supported their closest friend through the aftermath. The most difficult thing to do is speak up and report it.  If you are someone who has suffered from sexual harassment, I encourage you to call this safe and confidential helpline so that you can begin to heal and those who assault and harass can face the consequences of their actions.”

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber

Carl Loben, editor, DJ Magazine:  “There should be no place for sexual abuse or harassment in the music industry. For too long, predatory men in positions of power have got away with it. Well, no longer. Setting up this confidential helpline for victims of sexual abuse in electronic music is an important first step during this watershed post-Weinstein moment for society, when the #metoo campaign has given many women the confidence to speak out. We all need to work together to end this abuse forever.” 

A reminder of the support service number 0800 030 5182 (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182)

The Association for Electronic Music is the global trade body for electronic music.

Health Assured Ltd is a provider of innovative health and wellbeing solutions.

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