Advanced Mixing Tip: Punchier Kicks With Multiband Saturation

MixMaster Danny Wyatt is back with a new course to follow up on his highly rated Mixing Dance Music 101 course'¦Â In this video from the 201 learn how to add punch to the kick with multiband saturation.  

Mixing Dance Music Advanced 201 sees Danny explaining how the magical and sometimes unexpectedly creative use of plugins can make all the difference in EDM mixing or any kind of mix that is looking to push the limits of creativity.

In short, if you want to learn how to mix or learn how to improve your mixing techniques for EDM, rock, pop and every genre in-between, then this course is worth watching now.

In this video (from the course) Danny explains the concept behind using a multiband saturation plugin on the kick. Using iZotope Trash 2, Danny beefs up the kick by dividing the kick into three bands.

We’d recommend using headphones or good quality monitor speakers when watching this video. 

For the low range Danny applies tape saturation to sculpt and mold the kick and make it punchier. He also uses tape saturation to add a bit of “woody presence to the middle.” And the high-range is where Danny brightens the kick to help it stand out in the mix.

If you want more mixing tips and tricks, Danny Wyatt’s complete course, Mixing Dance Music Advanced comes highly recommended. Watch it now in The Ask.Audio Academy.

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