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We are proud to announce Ask.Audio is a No-Ads site. Now you can read the latest music and audio technology news and our exclusive reviews, tutorials and interviews '" commercial free on Ask.Audio.  
Help support us. Jump straight in to Ask.Audio Academy:

Have you ever wondered how Ask.Audio bringing you free news, reviews and tutorials from paid authors survives on a day to day basis? Advertising, right? Well, not for Ask.Audio any more. We decided with ad revenue continuing to fall and many of you unhappy with viewing ads, or even questioning whether any reviews are influenced by ad money, to show just how truly independent we are. 

Ask.Audio is AD-FREE! 

So, how do we survive? At our heart we are an education company. We're committed to helping our many thousands of Academy members learn new skills, techniques, software and hardware tools for music making and audio production.

With over 800 pro audio courses (that's 1,580+ hours) in the Ask.Audio Academy we've helped make a music education affordable, accessible and instant. For just $15 a month you can watch everything in our video course library.

But running Ask.Audio as a news site isn't cheap. We pay all our 18 authors of course and spend a lot of time bringing you the latest news, unbiased reviews, and original tutorials and interviews.

So, we're asking you, if you enjoy what we do and want to further your own music production skills, to support us by supporting your own continuing education. Join the Ask.Audio Academy for a special price of just $9 a month (normally $15) or $72 a year (value at $180).

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What’s The Catch?

There isn’t one. Most sites like ours generate revenue from banner ads. Online ads don’t work and we know they can get in the way of the experience of enjoying our content. 

If You’re Not Selling Ads How Will You Stay In Business?

Ask.Audio was born from NonLinear Educating (macProVideo / AskVideo), the best online education for audio creatives and professionals on the web. We have our own Ask.Audio Academy with video courses for the major, popular and innovative audio software and hardware products, plus production techniques and music theory and business know how.

A subscription to Ask.Audio Academy’s ever expanding 891 video course library is just $15 a month. (That’s 1,732 hours of video content!)

Thousands of you have signed up to the Academy and become better producers with the help of our courses. Now, with your help, your subscription will support us and our 18 authors and editors, AND support your own continuing audio education.

Tell Me More…

We live and breathe music. Everyone at Ask.Audio from authors to editors to our CEO are active musicians, synthesists, producers and DJs. Some of us are professional (like world tours & good royalty check professional). We understand the music making process and we understand how effective learning takes place.

The Ask.Audio Academy is for everyone, from complete beginner to advanced professionals. Even the most talented amongst us continue learning new software, hardware and techniques all the time. It’s what helps great producers become even better.

OK. You’ve convinced me. Can I get a Discount?

Yes! If you join the Ask.Audio Academy before the 11th December 2017 you can get a healthy 40% discount on a monthly pass. 


Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


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