Add Authentic Vinyl Scratch, Needle, Dust & Hiss FX to Your Tracks for Free

Many digital music producers are beginning to miss the warmth and old-school noise you get from the sound of a needle on a vinyl record. Those were the days'¦Â here's an app that brings it back for free  

If you're hankering after some good 'ol vinyl style effects to mix into your digital recordings, what can you do? Fortunately, an online Vinyl Crackle Background noise generator exists. Going by the name of Dust ’n Scratch it’s provided by (an awesome website / mobile app which satisfies your perchance for more types of generative background sounds and noises than you knew you wanted).

You can adjust levels of 2 types of needles, 3 types of scratch, 4 types of dust and mix in some hiss too. There is a timer function and you can even animate (producers will thing of this as modulate or automate) these levels. Vinyl Noise Generator Vinyl Noise Generator


It’s interesting how we’re trying to give more warmth or personality to digital recordings by mixing in  “an old dimension” from vinyl recordings. And, MyNoise claims this aids “poor recordings" as it adds “frequencies and transients that are missing”.

Either way, it’s useful for sound designers, producers and music to picture composers, sounds good, is adjustable, and free. You just need to you figure out how to record the audio from your browser (Audio Hijack Pro anyone?)



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Chris Polus
Rounik, do you know of commercial synthesizer products that synthesize such soundscapes? I've seen a few products for implementation in games, but I'm looking for specific synthesizer plugins for use in DAWs to synthesize the rain, wind or other sound that might be needed instead of looking through countless hours of recording.

I know for example of AudioGaming
Or SoundSeed for Wwise

Do you know of other plugins?
Hey Chris,

A couple that come to mind are an AfroDJMac Ableton pack - but I'm not sure if that was purely sampled or not... think it was called Tape Hiss Vinyl Crackle... then there was a Kontakt instrument I came across, but never tried, a while back... here's the link: - but this works by placing the hiss and crackle with waveforms.

Rain and wind... you could use some white noise / brown noise mixed with wind or rain samples and bring it into the EXS24 or any sampler, then modify.... would that work for you?

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