Acid Machine: Browser-Based Synth and Drum Sequencer

If you're reading this online you're just one click away from an 808, 909 and 303 emulator right in your browser. Go make music and be happy thanks to Errozero.  

It wasn't that long ago that Propellerhead ReBirth literally changed the way many of us made music on our computers. Since then music creation software has come on in leaps and bounds. ReBirth now exists for iPad and we're constantly asking for more power and features from our desktop DAWs. We're also seeing a growing desire for more music hardware. 

Errozero's Acid Machine is in BETA but does include the ability to save and recall patches.

Errozero's Acid Machine is in BETA but does include the ability to save and recall patches.

If you'd have asked most producers 10 years ago whether we'd have Roland style 303, 808 and 909 style bass synth and drum sequencers in our browsers they might have chortled. But, here it is. Errozero have created Javascript-based Acid Machine (in BETA) which brings the essence of building a bass, lead and drum sequence to you without the need to install any additional software!

It works best in Chrome. I tried it in Firefox and got good results, but Safari was a no-go.

Check it out (and remember your headphones if you're at work!)


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Ahhhh, x0x style programming. This is amazing!

One small thing regarding the 303 sequence style. If a 'slide' is on a trigger position, the sequencer needs to find the next note to find (arbitrarily in the pattern) and slide for that duration. I'm only finding it sliding between adjacent positions in the pattern. Gotta be able to slide one long note from 1 to step 16 to get that oldschool vibe.

Taking it further, if a current pattern is playing and a new pattern has been selected and is pending (like the ableton/rebirth style pattern queuing), if a note has a slide and no remaining notes in the pattern, find the first pitch in the upcoming pattern and slide to that. Progress! Cheers

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