Absolute Beginner’s Guide: Exploring the Main Window in Logic Pro X

If you’re completely new to Logic Pro and are feeling lost, don’t despair. Booker Edwards has a new video course designed for you. In this video from the course he shows how to setup the main window.  

From hiding the dock, understanding the Transport, getting to know the Track area, some of the different types of tracks, finding the Inspector which gives you access to adjusting region and track options, and getting into the Library where you can find settings to change the sounds and effects for each track. Booker even touches upon Smart Controls and shows how to access the Mixer where you can control the signal flow of all tracks in your project.

Again, this is designed for the complete beginner to Logic Pro X. If you’re looking for intermediate or advanced courses, you’ll find them all at AskVideo.com.

Web: https://www.askvideo.com/course/logic-pro-x-100-absolute-beginners-guide

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Following this course now. I appreciate that the instructor is taking a deliberate, methodical approach to teaching the fundamentals of LPX, carefully explaining things and even giving little insights into more advanced features that are to come in later courses. It's amazing that I had just bought LPX about a week ago (I've never even worked with LP before) and , bam, this course appears! Awesome!

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