Ableton Releases Max For Cats Semi-Modular Synth, Pallas

Max for Cats have just released a new semi-modular synth in Max for Live format for that fat analog sound in Ableton Live.  

Available now in the Packs store, Pallas is a semi-modular, analog-modelling synthesizer that has been designed to give Ableton users access to a new palette of raw and authentic analog sounds. Featuring eight-voice polyphony, this Max for Live device is powered by three versatile oscillators and offers a large and carefully crafted preset library.

Building on the modulation framework included with Bengal, Max for Cats' popular semi-modular FM synth, Pallas provides many opportunities for users to sculpt their sound, including extensive envelope settings, a pair of multimode resonant filters, two LFOs, a ring modulator, and six native audio effects (delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift and chorus). In addition, Pallas includes a flexible eight-step sequencer that can be used as a signal modulator.

Like Bengal, the heart of Pallas' power lies in its semi-modular capabilities. Built around a comprehensive virtual patch panel, users can create any number of custom signal and modulation chains by stringing together virtual patch cords from square "output" sockets to round "input" sockets. Furthermore, the patch panel has been designed to be easy to understand and use, even for those with little to no experience with modular synthesis.

Max for Cats Pallas GUI

Other notable Pallas features include an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a visual control panel (switchable between three modes) that allows users to see how their sounds are evolving in real-time. Pallas also comes with remote control capabilities, which enables users to control the device's most essential parameters from any device that is connected to the same network as Pallas and has access to a web browser.

Max for Cats Pallas Features

  • Eight-Voice polyphony
  • Three oscillators (two with mixable waveforms and one wavetable oscillator) • Two multimode resonant filters
  • Two flexible LFOs
  • Eight-Step sequencer
  • Six native audio effects

(including delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift, and chorus) • Virtual patch panel

  • Visual control panel
  • Eight Push-ready macros with free patching functionality
  • Web-Based remote control 

Price: €49 

Available: Now



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