Ableton Releases CV Tools, Modular Meets Live 10

Now musicians can interface their modular or other CV-based gear and Ableton Live 10 using a compatible dc-coupled audio interface.   

For those who don’t own modular equipment, the Rotating Rhythm Generator and CV Utility devices also work with MIDI, adding modular-style workflow inside Live or to hardware setups.

CV Tools includes:

CV Instrument

Allows control of modular gear with MIDI. Features flexible modulation and voicing options, as well as cent-accurate tuning for oscillators.

CV triggers

Allows musicians to sequence their modular drum modules from inside Live.

CV Utility

Allows musicians to control their modular gear with automation curves from Live. It is also possible to add, multiply and shift control signals together and process control voltages like audio.

CV Clock In

Allows control of Live's tempo from Eurorack modules.

CV Clock Out

Sends CV clock out to sync modular gear with Live.


Allows signals received from modular gear to modulate parameters in Live.

CV Shaper

A device for creating flexible CV shapes in Live that are then sent to a modular rig.

CV Envelope Follower

Uses audio signals inside Live to control modular gear.


Acts as an additional LFO source for modular systems.

Rotating Rhythm Generator

A modular-style beat and polyrhythm generator. This device also sends MIDI for use with Drum Racks or other external equipment with a MIDI input.

Pricing and availability

CV Tools is free for all owners of Live 10 Suite running 10.1 or above and owners of Ableton Live 10 Standard and Max for Live. The Pack can be downloaded from their Live Browser under Available Packs. Users can also download CV Tools from their account page.


Ableton Live 10 Suite is available for purchase and upgrade at local retailers and from

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