Ableton Push 2 And Live 9.5 Available, Introducing Link

Good news for Ableton users... Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 have now been officially released by Ableton. Also there's a new tool called Ableton Link. Full details below.  

The new Ableton Push 2 look incredible, Live 9.5 adds some very useful new features, and Ableton Link introduces some innovative ones over multiple devices. Here's what Ableton tell us about these 3 big pieces of news.

Berlin, Germany, November 2nd, 2015–Ableton has announced the immediate release of the new Push, alongside Live 9.5 – a free update for all Live 9 users. It’s also inviting owners of the original Push to take part in
a unique trade-in that offers a big saving on the new version. Plus, Ableton is introducing Link, a new technology that lets you play in time with multiple instances of Live and a growing number of iOS apps. 

The New Ableton Push 2

Like the original Push, the new version brings hands-on creation of melody and harmony, beats and song structure. Now designed and engineered entirely by Ableton, Push has a new level of playability that puts even more elements of song creation at your fingertips. Here’s how: 

Large multicolor display: Push’s crisp and colorful new display adapts to show what you need and keep you in the creative flow. Library navigation, sample waveforms, effects parameters and mixer levels are instantly visible on the display and tweakable via the touch-sensitive encoders. 

“The new Ableton Push – Music at your fingertips”

“The new Ableton Push – Music at your fingertips”

Sampling workflows: Push now has fast and flexible sampling workflows that let you slice samples across the pads and play back single hits and timestretched samples. Create looping instruments on the fly, chop up drum kits from recordings, or play longer rhythmic samples back in tempo – all without taking your hands off Push. 

“New sampling workflows”

“New sampling workflows”

More musical and expressive pads: Push’s new pads have been carefully redesigned to feel just right for musicians of all kinds. Softer, smoother and more responsive, they provide the perfect playing experience for creating beats and melodies. 

“Mix and refine” with Ableton Push 2

“Mix and refine” with Ableton Push 2

Find out more about the new Push ›


Push Trade-In

Ableton is launching a unique trade-in initiative in which owners of the original Push can return their used unit and save up to 30% on the new one. Returned Push units will be refurbished and given to music education projects for young people – along with copies of Live – for free. 

Ableton will allow you to trade in your Push 2 for Push 2!

Ableton will allow you to trade in your original Push for Push 2!

Ableton is continuing to improve how Live works with the original Push: the free Live 9.5 update brings additional functionality to the original unit, including new features and workflow improvements. 

Live 9.5 

This free update for Ableton Live 9 is now available for all Live 9 users. Here’s what’s new and improved in Live 9.5: 

Redesigned Simpler: Live’s powerful yet easy-to-use sampling instrument has been completely overhauled with a new interface, warping and slicing capabilities, and new analog-modeled filters. Now Simpler lets you slice samples across the keyboard, play single hits, or warp long samples so that they always stay in time with your song. 

The redesigned Simpler in Ableton Live 9.5

The redesigned Simpler in Ableton Live 9.5

Great-sounding analog-modeled filters: Live 9.5 introduces new filters based on classic vintage hardware that will self-resonate, produce feedback, and distort beautifully. Built in collaboration with Cytomic, these filters are now included in Simpler, Sampler, Operator and Auto Filter. 

Improved meters and waveforms: Mixer volume meters now show both peak and RMS levels, indicating both sudden changes in level as well as perceived loudness. This makes controlling your track’s dynamics easier. Plus, new waveforms show more visual detail of your audio samples, with smoother zooming and scrolling. 

Improved waveforms and metering in Live 9.5

Improved waveforms and metering in Live 9.5

Inspiring new instruments: Live 9 Suite owners can enjoy three stunning new Max for Live synthesizers that offer a wide range of sound design possibilities within a streamlined set of controls. These include Bass, a monosynth designed for bass sounds; Poli, a polyphonic synth that excels at strings, pads and stabs; and Multi, a synth designed for immediate tweakability from Push. 

Ableton Live 9.5 is here!

Ableton Live 9.5 is here!

More about Live 9.5 ›



Coming soon, Link is a new technology that lets you play in time with multiple instances of Live and a growing number of iOS apps. It syncs devices’ timing over a wireless network, so you can set up almost instantly and jam with others as freely as a live band. 

Ableton Link looks promising...

Ableton Link looks promising...

How Link works. To set up, just switch on Link, connect to the same network and start jamming. Anyone can start and stop their part while others keep playing. And anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow. No MIDI cables, no installation, just free-flowing sync that works. 

With Live and beyond. Link will soon be available to Live users as a free update, and to the wider music-making community as a built-in feature of a growing number of iOS apps. If you’re an app developer who’s interested in joining the band of music-making apps that have Link built in, contact 

More about Link › 

Pricing and availability 

  • The new Push is available to buy immediately from or your local music store, priced at EUR 699 / USD 799. 
  • Owners of the original Push can take advantage of the trade-in offer and order a new Push straight away. To check participating countries, head to the Ableton site. 
  • Live 9.5 is now available as a free download for Live 9 users. 
  • Link will soon be available in another free update to Live 9 and a growing number of iOS apps. 



We will be announcing Push 2 video tutorials soon, if you have the original Push or are getting hold of one soon, the video courses are worth checking out to help get you up and running in no time:

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