Ableton Loop 2020 Announces All Participants, Registration Now Open

Find out who's going to be speaking and performing at Ableton Loop 2020 in Berlin, with more names also coming soon. Registration is open now.  

Coming back to Berlin in 2020, Loop is three days of talks, performances and hands-on workshops aimed at sharing ideas on music, technology and creative practice. Bringing together artists, technologists, educators and other creative thinkers, Loop is an exploration of what it is to make music today and what it could be tomorrow. Now, the event organisers have announced more participants from a wide range of musical backgrounds. This Summit for Music Makers takes place in Berlin, April 24–26, 2020.

Artists Announced So Far

  • Antenes
  • Colin Self
  • Conor Dalton
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • duendita
  • Eric Pitra
  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Ex-Easter Island Head
  • Feels
  • Georgia Anne Muldrow
  • JFDR
  • Joel Holmes & Cody Currie
  • Khyam Allami
  • Liz Teutsch
  • NYX
  • Sotomayor
  • Sylvia Massy
  • Uwalmassa

Find out more about Loop 2020 and who's involved, plus get tickets at


  • Summit Pass - 275 EUR (incl. service fee)
  • Summit Pass Plus (includes 1 Workshop and 1 Studio Session) - 375 EUR (incl. service fee)
  • Student and Youth Pass (includes 1 Workshop and 1 Studio Session) - 225 EUR (incl. service fee)
  • Subsidized Pass (includes 1 Workshop and 1 Studio Session) - 50 EUR (incl. service fee)

Register here:

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really cant wait to hear all the premier silly mashups created by these select paarticipating artists ...too bad the date for this event didnt hit 4/20 instead of just the hangover... 😪😴😩😞😟🙁😞😒😕🙄😴😪😌🕉♻▶

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