Ableton Live: Simpler vs Sampler

Ableton has you covered in the sampler department: Simpler, or its big brother, Sampler. And they both talk to each other as any good siblings do. Rory Dow explains the differences & which to use when  

In the sampler department, you could say that Ableton has you covered. Ableton offer two choices, Simpler and Sampler. Simpler is bundled with every version of Ableton Live. Sampler is bundled with Ableton Live Suite but can be bought separately for owners of the standard version of Live. If you're wondering what the difference is, which one is right for you, or if you should upgrade to Sampler, then read on.

[Before we start and for the sake of clarity, when this article refers to the Ableton instruments

Rory Dow is a musician, sound designer and writer. He spent 15 years as a freelance musician writing for television before side-stepping into music software production. The majority of his work is taken up as a trainer and sound designer for London-based software company FXpansion but he also likes to write music and articles and is a ... Read More


Gary Hiebner
Thanks for the explanation of the differences between Simpler and Sampler.

I like the explanation of how to expand upon the Simpler and using the Instrument Racks.
Will Wytias-Sobel
I am curious if Simpler has the capability of warping or retriggering samples. When I want to use a sample as a synth/instrument to create a melody the higher pitches oscillate faster so it messes with what I'm trying to create.

Help me!!

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