Ableton Live Follow Actions Explained with Ableton Certified Trainer Antonio Sage

Unlock the power of follow actions, one of Live's most useful features, in this free recorded MasterClass. Watch it online for free, right now!  

If you want to know more about advanced uses for Ableton Live as well as tips and tricks from real professionals, you're in luck! In this short video clip, Ableton Certified Trainer Antonio Sage discusses and demonstrates follow actions in Ableton Live. You will learn about probability controls, launch controls, follow frequency, legato and more.

This is only a taster of the full-length MasterClass lecture Antonio delivered for the Ask Audio Academy. The lecture is titled “Creating Intelligent, Automatic Beats in Ableton Live 10” so that should give you a good idea about what the class has in store. Antonio is also the creator of an incredible Max for Live device called Boots N Kats which does that sort of processing on a whole other level, and he shows us how it works in the latter part of the lecture.

If you like or are interested in Ableton and/or Max this is a lecture for you! It’s available for free streaming right now by clicking the link below.

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