Ableton Live中鼓架 - 一个Phatter击败指南

Percussion is the foundation of any good tune and Drum Racks (in Ableton Live) are the most powerful way to create phat beats. For years I experimented with various ways of making beats, but never get  

打击乐是任何调好, 并鼓架( Ableton Live中)是最有力的方式来创建PHAT次的基础。多年来,我尝试用各种方式使节拍,但从来没有得到一个满意的结果。我浪费了时间,用无数的鼓机插件和各种不同的方式来创建我的敲击,但总是留下未了,而知道必须有一个更好的办法。 ABLETON的鼓架,内置的鼓采样,是我们的祷告的答案!


鼓架是完全尖端在每一个方式。他们手了最辉煌的方式来写我见过的打击乐。然而,您可能已经使用Native Instruments公司的电池,它带来了一个类似的多垫接口,鼓架,因为本地生活,他们有各种优势:

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Undo
  • Custom effects chains for each drum pad, using Live Devices or third party effects
  • Flexible routing and bussing within the Drum Rack for layering and sends and returns
  • Automatic renaming of notes in the MIDI editor so you can easily tell your sounds apart
  • Ability to load other devices, such as synths, samplers or even other Drum Racks, into drum pads, not just samples!
  • Ability to save each drum kit you make and load it into any future set
  • 8 fully assignable macro knobs for all kinds of modulation mayhem

鼓架在Ableton Live,以各种方式尖端“

如果你是一个Ableton Live中的用户,你完全失去先机,如果你不使用鼓架。站在你和你曾经写的punchiest敲击是唯一的学习曲线。因此,为了帮助你实现鼓架忍者主人翁地位观看本教程和学习:

  • All the features of Drum Racks, inside and out
  • How you can write better, phatter, more powerful beats
  • How to design your own unique drum kits using sliced loops and samples
  • How to layer sounds together using nested Drum Racks and Multis
  • How to perfectly sculpt each drum hit with EQs, compressors, and other effects
  • How to quickly audition new sounds in your kit using Hot Swap
  • How to humanize your drum kit using Choke Groups
  • How to play Drum Racks live, with your computer keyboard and external MIDI controllers


The story goes that he began making music circa the year 2502, and was temporarily beamed back in time to show us mere humans how to mangle audio using Ableton Live. He creates unique fusions of heavily edited glitch-hop beats, realtime sax solos and an EWI electronic explorations. His live shows (though no one really knows if he IS al... Read More


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