Ableton Live 9: Using Dummy Clips For FX Control

Make the most of those versatile dummy clips in Ableton Live 9 with this creative tip by Tadhg Leonard. Learn how to use them for advanced control of your effects via different launch modes.  

Dummy Clips within Ableton have become a more and more popular option among the creative Live user over the last few years. They are generally used to experiment with interesting envelope automation while composing. They are also an excellent way of handling your audio FX during live performance. In this tutorial we will look at using the different launch modes within Dummy Clips to give you different types of FX control and how best to use them in a live setting.

Dummy clips in action

Set Up

In case you don't know how to set up Dummy Clips, the process is very straightforward. Create an audio track and rename it something like Dummy Track. This is where all the FX (dummy) clips will be placed. Next, you will need to route the audio from the track you want to the dummy clips to effect. In the track, click the '

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