Ableton Live 10: Mixing Myths Exploded

Are you clinging to the belief that Live isn't a heavy hitter when it comes to mixing? Noah Pred understands, but has some wise words to explain why that's not quite correct...  

Are you holding on to some outdated preconceptions about Ableton Live and its suitability as a professional mixing tool? Did you perhaps form an opinion about Live many years ago and still stick to it even if you've not looked again? People sometimes do things like that, it's only human. But Noah Pred would like to change your mind and show you that Live is actually able to hang with the big boys when it comes to mixing. In this short video from the course Ableton Live 10 104: Mixing Tracks, he explains why some people might still be hesitant about Live, and why they may want to reconsider their position.

Ableton Live 10 104: Mixing Tracks

Noah explains that when Live first appeared, it democratised the music-making process in a way that few DAWs were doing at the time. The massive influx of new and inexperienced users that started putting out tracks with Live meant that music was being heard that hadn't benefitted from an experienced ear - and so some people thought that Live must not be good enough. In fact, this wasn't the case at all. Over-stretching of audio loops and misunderstanding of how warping should be used were making tracks sound sub-par - but this was mostly user error and not Live's fault.

In fact, all you need to do to make your tracks shine is learn how to use Live properly, and of course practice making music as often as possible! And this course is the perfect way to do it, with 30 videos dedicated to showing you how to use Live to mix to its fullest potential. So take another look at Ableton Live - check it out today!

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