Ableton Live 10 - A Quick Guide To Installing Max Packs

Download, manage and use your Max For Live devices quickly and efficiently. Noah Pred shows yu how in this short video.  

Max For Live is a powerful way to extend and expand your Ableton Live system to take advantage of specialised extra instruments and effects. And in order to use it, you'll need to understand how to install the required content. It comes in the form of Packs, and in this short video from the course Ableton Live 10 402: New Max Devices in Action, Noah Pred explains how you go about correctly installing them.

Ableton Live 10 402: New Max Devices in Action

After downloading packs from the user area of the website, Noah demonstrates how to locate the Packs section of the Browser and then view all available packs in your library, both those you have installed and those available not not yet installed. He also shows you how to solve common problems like packs perhaps not appearing correctly in the browser. Become a master of managing your sounds and using powerful Max For Live extensions by checking out the rest of the videos in this course using the links below.

Watch the course Ableton Live 10 402: New Max Devices in Action in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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