Abbey Road One: Soaring High Strings

Spitfire Audio releases the highly anticipated final addition to their lauded ‘Abbey Road One’ series in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.

Spitfire Audio releases the highly anticipated final addition to their lauded ‘Abbey Road One’ series in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios. The hugely sought-after high strings section, entitled Abbey Road One: Soaring High Strings, offers a harmonious and rich sound, tailored for romantic, lyrical passages without sacrificing high speed runs.

Abbey Road One: High String

Completing the collection of Spitfire Audio’s most regarded series, the new sample library featuring brand new recordings in Abbey Road’s Studio One, is a blend of 16 1st Violins and 14 2nd Violins that play in unison to create a passionate and lush sonic tapestry, ideal for crafting a resonant composition. There are 12 signals, expertly recorded by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer Simon Rhodes, and an expressive, slurring legato, ideal for adding emotion to tracks.

Abbey Road’s Studio One is considered one of the finest acoustical spaces in the world and a room most composers can only dream of. Its history has an indelible connection with the scores recorded there, providing emotion, mood, and magic for many of the most renowned and successful films ever made – such classics as Return of the Jedi, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter, and Avengers: Endgame

With its rich tonality, deep low end, and famed reverb, Studio One’s sound is widescreen and epic. It’s the iconic sound of cinema, and a sound that has been significantly captured in Spitfire Audio’s ‘Abbey Road One’ series. 

Building On Orchestral Foundations

The sonic journey through the 'Abbey Road One' series began with the groundbreaking release of Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations; a meticulously crafted 90-piece symphonic orchestra that focused on delivering essential elements such as strings, brass, and woodwinds. 

Responding to the feedback from the music-making community, the series has evolved over the years, culminating in the latest addition Abbey Road One: Soaring High Strings to complete the collection. It serves as a standalone sample library, and for those seeking the addition of soaring, romantic legatos, it also seamlessly integrates with Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations.

Capturing the essence of how your favourite composer would record, the series has continuously embraced the unmistakable acoustics of Abbey Road Studio One, enlisted exceptional players, employed award-winning sound engineers, and utilised priceless microphones. The result is a seamless experience, empowering music makers to effortlessly weave together their own cinematic masterpieces.

As the series completes, it leaves behind a legacy of tradition and innovative technology that has changed the landscape for composers and music makers alike. 

Key Features:

  • 16 1st Violins
  • 14 2nd Violins 
  • 3 Techniques - Legato, Long and Short
  • 10 mics 
  • Two Simon Rhodes mixes
  • Housed in the Abbey Road One dedicated plug-in
  • Download size: ∼8.5GB



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