A Useful Guide To Transforming MIDI in Logic Pro X

In this 9-minute video, Booker Edwards shows how to use Logic's built-in MIDI transform presets and what they do.  

MIDI Transform presets are available from every MIDI editor in Logic Pro X as Booker shows in this excellent video tutorial.

Logic is well known as having powerful MIDI editing features. The MIDI Transform window is one of the areas where you can access some of these powerful functions like fixing velocity, fixing pitch, creating crescendos, transposing notes, and much more besides.

Watch all videos in this course, Logic Pro FastTrack 202: Xtreme MIDI Techniques here

About Logic Pro FastTrack 202: Xtreme MIDI Techniques

We all tend to go to Logic’s Piano Roll editor when we edit MIDI. It’s easy, understandable and, quite frankly, it’s the most friendly. However, Logic has two other MIDI editors that offer even more power and control to do certain MIDI tasks better than the Piano Roll. They’re the Event List and the Step Editor.

This course explains why and how you use these less popular MIDI "power tools" to quickly add, delete and modify MIDI data. As an added benefit, Booker also explains the elusive MIDI Transform window. Knowing how this brute-force mini-editor works will open your eyes to a world of MIDI creativity.

So, take your MIDI skills to the Xtreme in this FastTrack™ course. While you’re at it, be sure to check out all of the Logic Pro FastTrack™ courses in our ever-expanding library.

Watch all videos in this course, Logic Pro FastTrack 202: Xtreme MIDI Techniques here.

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