A Quick Guide To Treating Vocals For EDM Tracks

Add dynamic interest to vocal tracks when mixing EDM in Pro Tools or any other DAW with these quick tips and techniques. Alex Solano explains all.  

It's not just capturing a great take that is essential to vocal production. Vocal treatment is just as crucial to get right and in this video from the course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools, Alex Solano shares his secrets for getting a better sounding vocal track when producing EDM in Pro Tools. But it's not just for Pro Tools users - anyone producing music can benefit from knowing these techniques and tricks.

Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools

Alex begins by selecting SoundToys' PanMan plug-in on a stereo vocal track. He dials in an auto-pan setting that makes the signal ping pong between the left and right channels. Next up is iZotope's Alloy, which he uses to add multiband compression and EQ as well as exciting, plus a limiter to make sure the vocal doesn't clip. Then a send channel is used not for reverb as is common, but for adding distortion. Alex also explains how to use automation in Pro Tools' mixer to creatively vary the amount of send effect over time for a more dynamic result. Be sure to check out the full course using the links below for a complete guide to mixing EDM in industry-standard DAW, Pro Tools.

Watch the full course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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