A Quick Guide To Essential Audio Warping Techniques In Ableton Live

Live is famous for its warping skills, but how do they actually work and how can they help you make tracks? Olav Basoski explains all.  

Audio warping is perhaps the best known of Live's many talents, and a big part of the reason it is so popular. But how much do you know about how it works? In this video from the course Ableton Live 10 101: Quick Start Guide, Olav Basoski guides you through the essential things you need to know: what audio warping is, how it works and when to use it.

 Ableton Live 10 101: Quick Start Guide

Olav demonstrates how Live uses its warping engine to ensure that audio clips always follow a project's tempo, automatically adjusting to speed up or slow down as required. It does this by analysing the transients in the clip and using this information to stretch or compress its timing, without you having to lift a finger! He also shows you how to use warp markers not only to change the speed of clips but also their feel, moving parts of a beat around to radically alter its pattern. For much more on getting to know Ableton Live 10, follow the links below to watch the full course.

Watch the course Ableton Live 10 101: Quick Start Guide in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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