A Practical Guide To Working With Low Frequencies In iZotope Ozone 9

Watch this FREE course to learn how to take control of the bass end of your masters, and much more about iZotope's powerful new mastering suite.  

iZotope's Ozone suite of mastering tools has long been a go-to solution for producers mastering music in all genres. With the latest release of version 9, Ozone has added a new module called Low End Focus, and it's designed to help you get control of the bottom end of your tracks. In this video from the free course Ozone 9 101: Ozone Mastering Toolbox, Matt Hepworth shows you how it works and how to get the most out of it.

Ozone 9 101: Ozone Mastering Toolbox

Matt uses the example of a track where bass frequencies threaten to interfere with each other - a bass guitar and also a bass synth occupying the same sonic space. Adding an instance of the Low End Focus module, he demonstrates how to use the range slider to identify specific crossover points for where the module will start to affect the signal. From there you can choose a punchy or a smooth character for the bass enhancement, as well as the amount of effect that gets applied. By the end, he has significantly improved the clarity of the bass frequencies in the mix. Check out the other videos in this free course for much more, and come back to see the expanded course in a few days.

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