A Pointless Plugin For Music Producers That You'll Still Want To Download?

We have 1st April 2017 to thank for Accusonus' Happyplacer meme generator audio plugin. Due to popular demand they've improved upon it and released a free update for eveyone to enjoy in their DAW.  

There are a number of useful audio effect plugins that'll help to inspire you to finish your current arrangement or mix. From EQs to compressors, delays to reverbs, modulators to limiters, etc, etc.

Some of these audio plugins are completely free.

But what about if you need a different kind of help with your productions? Perhaps sitting in front of a computer screen focused on making music isn't working for you... so rather than take a break and go for a walk when you have a deadline looming, why not use a Meme Generator plugin to give you a chuckle in your DAW.

Yes. A Meme generator. It's free and you never need feel lonely from being away from friends on social media again. Welcome to Accusonus HAPPYPLACER 2.0. Here's what the fun producers at Accusonus have to say about it:

(Please note, Accusonus also make some very inspiring, seriously creative audio plugins like ReGroover Pro and Drumatom.)

April 30, 2018 - Accusonus releases HappyPlacer 2.0: a free plugin that generated music memes. Here’s the backstory: accusonus released Happyplacer 1.0 on April fools day 2017 as a plugin that was telling music jokes. Users enjoyed the concept and have been asking for the installers throughout the whole year. So everyone at accusonus had great fun gathering user feedback and new jokes. During the last months, each time the accusonus team was taking a break from developing and improving breakthrough products like Regroover, the ERA audio repair suite and drumatom, they started building their fun project. Happyplacer 2.0 is brand new plugin that adds new jokes, new comic personas and also works as an in-DAW MEME generator!

Happlyplacer 2.0 Feature

  • Happyplacer is available in all common plugin formats (AU, VST, AAX)
  • 6 joke categories (producers/DJs, drummers, guitarists, bassists, singers, keyboardists)
  • Multiple & modifiable Happyplacer comic personas
  • More than a 100 pre-generated memes based on the best jokes for musicians
  • Fully editable meme generator
  • Ability to export memes as a .png images

Note: Happyplacer is graphics-only plugin and it doesn’t affect audio


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