A New Bitwig Studio Content Package: Audio FX - Space, Time, Color

Bitwig have come out a new content package, Audio FX - Space, Time, Color. Here's what it's all about.  

Berlin, Germany | March 12, 2020

We're proud to present a new Bitwig Studio preset package: Audio FX - Space, Time, Color. Discover 150+ Audio FX presets that each cast a mood onto any audio or virtual instrument output. Sounds range from creamy phasers to singing filters. Call up rich delay washes, or even reverbs that become pads of their own.  

Some presets add a unique character to common effects, while others use sequenced modulations to turn an incoming sound into a new rhythmical texture. And as always, eight top-level Remote Control Macros help to quickly find the range of each preset. 

The Audio FX package highlights Bitwig Studio's unique modular structure: 

On Modularity

One of Bitwig Studio’s design principles has always been modularity. This is seen in modulators, which provide a small army of note values (like pitch, velocity, MPE pressure, etc.), LFOs, envelope generators, and step sequencers that can control the parameters of any device and plug-in. But this also includes the ability to side-chain any parameter, to use an external CV source as modulator, or even to blend modulators in unique ways for otherwise impossible sound design.

Bitwig Studio's device structure is another clear example of modular thinking, with most of our devices able to contain other devices or plug-ins. This means that instruments can include note FX (like an arpeggiator), side-chain signals can have their own processing, and hardware CV instruments have a special place for sending modulator signals out as analog CV. And when a preset is saved in Bitwig Studio, all of these nested devices and modulators are included, since they are part of that sound. 

Nested device chains also make unique routings possible, whether it is creating a stack of parallel chains with the FX Layer, fading between processing options with FX Selector, only processing the wet signal (like the Wet FX chain on many devices), or even inserting devices or plug-ins into the feedback loop of any delay or reverb device. 


Audio FX - Space, Time, Color is a free Bitwig Studio package for all customers with a valid Upgrade plan. The required version is Bitwig Studio 3.1 or higher.

Web: https://www.bitwig.com/en/bitwig-studio/sound-content/audio-FX-space,-time,--color.html




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