A Modern Classic Re-Imagined: TC Electronic Launch SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE PLUG-INS

The TC Electronic System 6000 Native plug-ins have landed and they bring the iconic British hardware mixing and mastering tools to modern producers.  

TC Electronic are pleased to announce the launch of SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE plug-ins for mixing and mastering. Bringing the legendary sound of the icon hardware processor up to date and now available to a new generation of music creatives with improved performance, features and useability.

TC Electronic recently set about re-imagining the legendary System 6000 as native DAW plug-ins without sacrificing any performance, character or useability. The Danish engineers, including many from the original System 6000 team, refined audio quality whilst staying faithful to the original hardware version. The development team fastidiously re-engineered these new native plug-ins, some available for the first time to offer full support for standard DAW automation and project recall with new optimized user interface ergonomics.

Found in thousands of high-end studios around the world and trusted by the world's very best artists, producers and engineers, TC Electronic’s Flagship System 6000 processor is recognized as an industry standard for mixing, mastering and post-production applications.

Product Range:

MD4 HD NATIVE: Available for the first time as a plugin for DAW-based productions MD4 HD NATIVE is the most transparent high-definition dynamics processor ever made. It features a flexible 6-band EQ, 5-band compressor, low levels focused DXP mode and newly optimized true-peak limiter.
VSS4 HD NATIVE: Also available for the first time as a plugin for DAW-based productions, VSS4 HD is a genuine true Stereo Reverb that radically departs from blurry sustain concepts of the past. The precision and degree of details are comparable to real-world mono or stereo sources positioned in an authentic or virtual space with highly adjustable early reflections and stereo diffused fields.
MD3 NATIVE: MD3 NATIVE is the core of TC Electronic multiband dynamics sound. It offers Mono, Stereo, Mid/Side operation and includes 3-band transparent Expander/Compressor, flexible EQ and modern Peak/True-Peak Limiting technologies.
NONLIN 2 NATIVE: NONLIN 2 is a unique high-end effects reverb with envelope functionality for generating compact vocal ambience, reverse reverb and completely new Twisted effects and that famous 80’s classic – the gated drum reverb!
VSS3 NATIVE: VSS3 is a hyper-realistic and incredibly versatile reverb designed to deliver the smoothest reverb tail ever developed. VSS3 adds the softest and cleanest ambience to your productions with highly transparent and harmonically rich sonic sound fields.

System 6000 Native plugins are fully compatible with all major DAW’s and deliver full support for standard DAW automation and project recall.

  • MD3 NATIVE, 3 band expansion/compression/limiting, softclip 199 USD
  • MD4 HD NATIVE, 5 band compression/limiting, softclip 249 USD
  • NONLIN2 NATIVE, stereo effects reverb 199 USD
  • VSS4 HD NATIVE, authentic space reverb 249 USD
  • VSS3 NATIVE, reverb, early pattern generator 199 USD
  • SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE BUNDLE (consisting of all 5 above), 699 USD
  • Upgrade of existing VSS3 NATIVE plug-in to the bundle, 599 USD
  • Current VSS3 NATIVE users can update to the new version for free and are also able to upgrade to the full bundle

SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE plug-ins include a wealth of custom-built presets developed by world-class producers and engineers, as well as complementary settings tailored by TC Electronic’s engineering team.

SYSTEM 6000 NATIVE plug-ins are fully compatible with all major DAW’s and deliver full support for standard DAW automation and project recall. These native high-end plugins deliver all of the performance of the iconic original with modern-day convenience.

Web: https://www.tcelectronic.com/series.html?category=R-TCELECTRONIC-SYSTEM6000NATIVESERIES




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