In this NI Reaktor tutorial mini-series, Rishabh Rajan shows how to build your own synthesizer from scratch. In part 5 (the final part),the focus is on the GUI and master volume.  
Read the entire series on building a synth in Reaktor: Part 1 / Part 2  / Part 3  / Part 4

Master Volume 

Image 68
Image 69
Image 70

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Image 71
Image 72
Image 73
Image 74

Rishabh Rajan is an award winning music producer & educator currently based in New York. He produces electronic music under the name code:MONO & hosts a YouTube channel featuring music and live mashup videos using performance controllers like the Ableton Push. He is also a sample library developer having worked with companies like Bela... Read More


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