8 Excellent MIDI Sequencers For Hardware Musicians & Producers

Sequencing hardware from a hardware MIDI sequencer is as old skool as it gets. Here are some of the best options on the market right now.  

JAde Wii is a self-taught keyboardist, guitarist, cellist, and Dawless Jammer. JAde has been creating music for over 10 years, but only recently has she become a synth enthusiast, and what a journey it has been for her. She enjoys to explore the realm of composition without a Digital Audio Workstation, which is becoming more and more ... Read More


Scott B
I like this list. I'm just wondering why polyphony is so limited per midi channel. My ancient Korg 01/W doesn't have that 4 voice/ channel limit or whatever.
Dave Needham
Waiting List for the Cirklon is actually 3 and a half years to be accurate

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