7 Excellent Hardware Compressors

Without further ado here's seven of our favorite high-end, analog, hardware compressors. This list includes vintage models and some units that are out of production.  

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Lowell George used two of these in studio to get his distinctive slide sound. Awesome units!!
ID Music
Hi Joe,

I recently bought an ART CS2 (Two Channel Comp / Limiter / Gate) compressor, one of the first models of the ART PRO brand. Do you know this equipment? it's good?
Joe A
I'm not really familiar with that particular ART model -- the only ART compressor I've used is the Pro-VLA II, a tube-based optical design -- AFAICT the CS2 seems to be a basic solid-state VCA circuit, like some of the smaller dBX units. I'm sure it'll perform well, but I wouldn't expect any "character" from it, just basic clean compression.

Btw, if you want to discuss further, I've started a thread on the MPV Forum -- feel free to visit.. :-)

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