7 Amp Sims Every Producer & Guitarist Should Know About

Guitar and bass amp simulations are often indistinguishable from the real thing. Here are seven of the best, plus a couple of honorable mentions.  

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...and yet Scuffham Amps S-Gear is not on the list, which is possibly the best VA ever created and puts most of these products to shame!
Very disappointing article... Nothing that anyone could've done typing "amp simulators" in Google. I'd have loved the author applying his own advice ( the only real test is to grab a demo and play though it) and provide some audio demos for the readers to compare.
I have all these except the Peavey, which I had a demo but deleted as didn't seem very good. anyway, like I say I have all these, each one has something special to offer, but every time there is one I come back to, that is Amplitube 4, for me it is easier to navigate, looks the best, sounds amazing and gets my vote. like I said, they all offer something excellent, a special word for GTR3 which sounds great, also Pod Farm 2 from line 6 is worth a look.

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