6 Videos of Musical Instruments in Awe-Inspiring Slow Motion

Looking for something inspirational to watch today? These six videos of instruments being played in super slow motion fit the bill. Enjoy!  

Music can bring awe and wonder not only aurally, but also visually. Over the last year there's been lots of talk and video demos on cymatics. The ability to see how sound vibrations can cause interesting patterns in sand, water and other materials has really caught our collective imaginations. At AskAudio we've also been exploring “how sound affects us” in our popular music theory articles category.

Tim Edwards from Classic FM's blog decided to collect six videos showing how beautiful music can look when six different instruments are played in slo-mo. And we have to agree that a cymbal hit, piano key, violin string bow and other instruments do indeed look incredible.

Here's a video from this collection showing a cymbal being hit in slo-mo:

To see the complete set head over to the Classic FM blog here (scroll down past the GIFs to see the full videos): http://www.classicfm.com/instruments/music-slow-motion-videos/


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