6 New macProVideo.com Features That Super-Charge Online Learning

There's never been a better time to learn new creative techniques for music production, video editing, design and coding... and macProVideo.com is leading the way with these innovative new features.  

Our sister company, macProVideo.com, is where it all began for those serious about learning how to make music, how to use audio software and video editing software online more than 13 years ago. macProVideo was a pioneering site for creatives to learn from Grammy-award winning music producers, film editors and top trainers.

Part of NLE (NonLinear Educating), during the last few years macProVideo has expanded by taking over Ask.Video and giving brith to the super popular Ask.Audio education and media site.

And now it's time for us to celebrate the success of macProVideo with a cool new design and a lot of innovative features that improve the entire the platform and user experience.

Here’s six new features of macProVideo.com worth checking out that'll improve your learning experience:

1. Completely New Design

macProVideo.com new design

It’s not just the home page or navigation page (more on that later) that look different and make it easier to find the courses and videos you want to watch. The video player itself sports a brand new look too.

While you can visit https://macprovideo.com/library and use the sidebar to navigate the hundreds of courses available, on the home page if you click on one of the category tabs, e.g. Audio, you’re presented with a different way to explore video tutorial categories.

macProVideo.com is also fully responsive so you don’t need to rely on yet another dedicated app for your Android or iOS device clogging up the home screen! Our website will just work on whatever device you have direct from your browser.

2. Super Search

With so much incredible video tutorial content comes great responsibility to make it easy for you to discover it. The library page search bar now includes improved results. https://macprovideo.com/library

search results at macProVideo.com

For example, if you want to find tutorials related to “mastering” the results show those most applicable and the right column allows you to filter by genre and remove/include specific applications or topics.

Now you can find exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it more easily than ever.

3. New Video Previews For Everyone

Whether you’re signed up for a subscription to macProVideo or not, now everyone can benefit from 5 free video tutorials every day. If you want to watch 5 videos from a single course you can.

And it gets better, because when you find that video explaining the audio concept or demoing that synth you know your friend is going to love too, you can send it to them for free. And they can watch that video (as one of their 5 daily previews) for FREE too.

You can even post a video on a forum, or embed it on a website to demonstrate a feature or a concept to a whole community.

4. You Can Make Money From MPV

Affiliate and sharing

With the new affiliate system built-in to macProVideo it’s super easy to start making money while you educate yourself and the world. For example, you can post a link to a video or send it directly to someone. If they sign up to macProVideo afterwards you will earn real money.

It’s a no-brainer really. Visit our affiliates section to learn more: https://www.macprovideo.com/user/affiliate

During October only the affiliate rate is a whopping 50%! Thereafter the rate is 20%.

5. The Real Player

Video Nav Bar

The new video tutorial player includes a brand new outline to help you visually navigate your videos in style. Below the Transport controls is a scrollable video navigation bar which shows you all the tutorials at glance and their status, such as which have been watched and which are unwatched.

6. AudioPedia


Audiopedia is a special area at macProVideo where you can easily find everything about audio explained in bite-sized videos. If you don't have time to watch an entire course you can use it as quick reference to visually understand specific technical terms, or even watch a demo on how parallel compression works, what FM synthesis is, or the approach of nearfield monitoring, etc...  This is the new page you need to bookmark and share with your musician and producer friends.

What's the difference between macProVideo.com and Ask.Audio Academy? Simple. macProVideo contains online courses for all topics and genres, from audio to video editing and production, graphic design to web development. Ask.Audio Academy contains only the audio courses from the MPV library.

Find out more about macProVideo.com here: https://www.macprovideo.com/

Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


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