6 Essential Tips for NI Battery 4

Battery 4 has seen a major overhaul with a new refined interface and loads of new features. Get the most out of this drum sampler powerhouse with Toby Pitman's essential tips.  

Battery 4 is upon us. This release has seen a major overhaul for the advanced drum sampler with a new refined interface and loads of new features. Here's a couple of tips and tricks for Battery 4 that cover some new features.

Tip 1: The Battery 3 Library?

You've just updated to Battery 4 from Battery 3. So where the hell is the Battery 3 library then? Well, it doesn't appear in Battery 4's Library section. Now, there's no quick and easy way to bring B3 kits into the Library browser of Battery 4 (which includes the new Tag system and a new file extension for kits). You '

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