6 DIY Alternative Instrument Makers You Need to Know About

Looking to be inspired? Then you're in the right place. Here are makers of alternative instruments who you need to know about. Whether you use their instruments or not, they are worth checking out.  

Liam is the Head Of Development specialising in software development at Modal Electronics, the company behind the 002, 008, CRAFT and SKULPT synthesisers, and was previously the lead software developer at nu desine, the developers of the AlphaSphere MIDI controllers. He was also an Associate Lecturer at UWE, Bristol, UK where he gradua... Read More


These guys are my heroes, exploring new frontiers o' sound! Thanks for featuring them, so inspiring. :)

Even though it doesn't get the physical/tactile aspects across, I'd like to see more sample libraries of odd/new instruments to spread those tones to more ears — some of Diego's work is within Omnisphere 2.
Is another incredible instrument, MIDI Didgeridoo

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