6 Alternative MIDI Controllers

These days music Controllers come in all shapes and sizes. To celebrate the weird and wonderful ways of controlling music software, Keith Crusher picks 5 innovative and unusual MIDI controllers.  

As performers, musicians, DJs and producers, we're always looking for useful and innovative ways to become more expressive with our instruments'"both on stage and off. In this roundup, we'll be looking at both new and possibly overlooked alternative MIDI controllers, including some DIY projects, that may help spark your creativity. 

#1 - Livid Instruments Guitar Wing

Guitar Wing, a wireless 3D controller for guitar, bass, and more...

Guitar Wing, a wireless 3D controller for guitar, bass, and more...

While guitarists have seen their fair share of MIDI control capabilities, nothing has come close to what Livid Instruments is offering with their new, Kickstarter funded Guitar Wing project. Not only do you get a wireless interface that will fit on nearly any guitar or bass with no modification (and is easily attached/removed), it provides a 3D motion sensor, 4 velocity and pressure sensitive pads, 4 buttons, 2 ribbon fader strips and 4 switches which can be used to control nearly anything you can imagine'"your DAW, lighting, effects, plug-ins or any app that accepts MIDI control. The 3D motion sensor is probably the coolest aspect as it can be used to send control messages just by moving your instrument around. Don't let the '

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