An opening DJ set is an art form and considered one of the most challenging DJ sets to play. Opening DJs need to set the mood, warm up an empty venue and gradually coax people onto the dance floor.  

1. Research the Headlining DJ

2. Choose Your Records Wisely


3. Don't Overstep Your Boundaries

opening DJ

4. Set the Mood and Watch the Room

Sara Simms

5. Ladies First

ss & ammoye
Learn turntablism techniques with Sara Simms in this excellent video course.

Sara Simms captivates the world as an innovative musician, DJ, turntablist and electronic music producer. She's a multi-instrumentalist who's known for her love of music technology. Sara makes her mark in the music community by crafting diverse sets with styles ranging from pulsating techno to house. She balances technical skills wi... Read More


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