5 steps To Turn Your Favorite Sampler into a Monster Synthesizer

After reading this you'll never think of your sampler and synthesizer as separate beasts ever again. Here's 5 steps to turning your sampler (hardware or software) into a powerful synthesizer.  

Lyubomir always had a musical way of doing things. From early on, he used deodorants as makeshift microphones and his children's laptop as a "DJ mixer," driving family and neighbors mad. That was merely the beginning, though, for he picked up the guitar at age 15 and has been threading the raucous path of the producer ever since, makin... Read More


A great article. Readers could download my free Simpler Synth for Ableton that does much of what you describe above.

Go direct to www.flintpope.com/catalog or search Ask.Audio for the article on this synth by Rounik Sethi.
TYPO! Silly me, the link I meant to share is http://flintpope.com/packs.php

And the Ask.Audio article is here

Excellent article :D

However, is it absolutely necessary to split it into five pages? I understand all y'all wanna sell advertising, but everyone under the sun uses Adblocker.
Hi HopeinCarts, glad you like the article. We don't split onto 5 pages only to "sell advertising". Our ad strategy is one consideration, but splitting sections into bite sized chunks is another from an educational viewpoint. I do understand that may not be everybody's preference though. Thanks for your feedback.
Thanks Flintpope! :)

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